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Please take a moment to view both of our positive reviews, filmed and aired by the respected TV show: KPIX - Eye on the Bay. The reviews are located in the left column of this page. We were voted “The Best Place to Buy Furniture in the Bay Area" by your fellow local residents who already know about us!

Great deal on a basic queen pillow-topped mattress. This is the second mattress that I have bought from them. Both were queen sized pillow-topped and VERY COMFORTABLE! Each time I bought them over the phone 'sight unseen' and had them delivered for a small fee ($40). Both times (once around 2009 and once in 2013) I was very pleased with the mattress and the price.

Dre D.

AWESOME! Super easy, especially if you have a car with a roof-rack and can deliver it yourself. We spent all day Saturday in and out of so-called mattress discount stores. I decided to check out DIRT CHEAP MATTRESSES, and they had the same mattresses for less than half the cheapest price found anywhere else.

Definitely not a frilly showroom--just throw a mattress on the dusty floor and try it out (but ALL mattresses are protested in plastic). If you need that "special customer care" you'll have to go elsewhere, but these guys are great for the no-frills customer. We were in and out in about 30 minutes and had a fantastic night sleep that evening.

About the customer service: THEY ARE PERFECT! They help you with the mattresses you want, tell you all the information about them, tell you the price, and leave you alone to think it over and decide. They are not at all pushy--very courteous and polite and friendly. And when you are ready to go, they are fast and efficient.


The quality mattress that I received at this place inspired me to join Yelp just to write a review. Somehow, I'd made it through more than three decades of life without having to purchase a mattress. I'd never even given this kind of purchase any thought...who sits around thinking about mattresses? I just knew that I wanted something fly and comfortable for my new bachelor life in Lake Merritt.

So, after realizing how expensive mattresses truly are, I somehow found http://dirtcheapmattress…. The site had a clip from the Bay's CBS affiliate that was cosigning the place's mattresses (and also explaining why they're so dirt cheap), so I was game. I called up the place, not knowing what I was looking for...just with my mattress budget in mind:

"Um...what can I get for 300 bucks?"

Fortunately, the gentleman didn't laugh at me. He worked with me, figured out what kind of mattress I was looking for (king size, really soft), and told me he had a deal on a California King Size Simmons Black Label mattress (I forgot what order those words are supposed to be in) for $450. Since the sides of it were dirty, it was at a discount from its normal $2,500. After hearing me stammer and hesitate, he suggested that I google the mattress. I did some research, and decided that I would take the chance. I put in a $100 deposit on it via Paypal and told him I'd hit him up later that week when I moved in.

I called him that Friday night, and asked him if he could deliver it. He was over with it on his truck in less than 30 minutes, which was a pretty big achievement since he'd just had surgery on his eyes (after seeing the fresh surgical scars, I really had to resist the urge to tell him that the mattress could have waited). He charged $50 for delivery, and I had my fly mattress.

That was three weeks ago. I won't get into a long philosophical rant here on Yelp, but let me just say that sleeping on a good mattress really can change one's life for the better. I mean, I sleep like I'm in a 5 star hotel room every night. This is an EXTREMELY comfortable mattress. I haven't consistently slept this soundly in all my life. I even have some loud upstairs neighbors (I swear these folks fall out of their bed at least twice every night/morning), but my mattress is so comfortable that I don't stay awake fuming about it. I even find myself daydreaming about going to bed while at work.

The only problem is that, more than ever before, it requires a sheer force of determination to get out of my comfortable bed every morning. For that, I'm going to take a star away...ah, nevermind.

I HIGHLY recommend this place. I'm actually afraid the guy's going to call me up and tell me that he made a mistake...he meant to sell me a $450 mattress and not this high quality one (I couldn't even tell the sides were dirty). Best deal that I've had in awhile...don't sleep. Until you check out this place's mattress deals, of course.

Michael G.

You definitely have to mattress shop here! No fuss or hype
I purchased a quality high-end hotel style mattress set (22 jnch deep pocket) at a great price. My entire experience from customer service-friendly! Selection to delivery (free in local area) to set up was 100%! I sleep like a kitten!

Daris J.

We need 2 mattresses, one for our platform bed and another for guest room. After spending so many days of mattress comparison, we came across yelp page for dirt cheap mattress. Prices are great for new mattress. We got the mattress we need for the price that didn't hurt our pockets. I recommend this place to buy mattresses. Service is great and delivery charges are low. I loved my experience of buying mattress from here.


I was calling around for a basic queen box-spring, and I didn't have a vehicle for transport. Each place was asking $100+ without delivery. This guy offered me one for $75 and he said he would deliver it for an extra $35. SOLD!! The high-quality box spring was delivered on time and was brand new. Also, he said he has awesome deals on memory foam and other mattresses. What a deal!

Joseph C.

Love them! I called (the Oakland Store) and he told me to shop for the mattress 1st. Find the name of the one you like then come into the store, which I did. I bought a BeautyRest for $700 that was retailing for $2000. For another $100 the delivery still saved me money. Yeah!

Meredith O.

Sounds like it's hit or miss with DCM, but I was one of the lucky ones. I got a Full Pillow Top mattress at Dirt Cheap in 2008 and the mattress is still doing great. Yes, it's a pretty low-overhead operation: the "showroom" is a big warehouse space full of nothing but plastic-wrapped mattresses stacked like dominoes. But the mattresses are for real. The sales guy encouraged me to try out a bunch of mattresses, laying them out on the floor for me, and gave me space to do so without hassling me to buy. I must have been there for 40 minutes, trying out different mattresses. It was difficult to gauge the mattresses through their thick plastic bags, but I had already done "research" earlier that morning at a brand-name retailer, so I knew what I was looking for. He priced the one I chose at $500 but I asked if he could do better, and just like that he gave it to me for $450. They have an external delivery company that brought the mattress to my flat the next day for $65, plus an extra $10 since I live on third floor. The delivery guy obligingly carried the mattress all the way up and even heaved it onto my loft bed. Some later Internet research showed that the same mattress retails for twice the price I paid. Two years later, the mattress is still as firm and plush as when I bought it. I'm a happy customer.

Phoebe K.

I bought a mattress from Dirt Cheap Mattress and I've recomended them to friends who also got mattresses from them too, I am very happy with my purchase and no complaints from my friends who got a mattress from them. It's highly recommended, you won't be let down!

Michele G.

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